Do You Snore or Know Someone Who Does?


Why is it that the snorers in the room are the first people to fall asleep at night? Has this ever happened to you?

We used to have this issue at our house because I lived with a snorer and he would always be the first person to fall asleep.  If I was lucky & fell asleep first I would get woken up.

When we began using doTERRA Essential Oils we found a solution that just might have saved our marriage ;-) doTERRA’s Respiratory Blend. We diffuse this in our bedroom mixed with some lavender and apply one drop each to his big toe (pulse points for pituitary gland).

doTERRA’s Respiratory Blend will open up the airways and help you breathe better. Since we started using this in our house, it no longer sounds like there's a freight train going through our bedroom at 3:00AM

This blend can be used for health issues related to the respiratory system such as, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough &  congestion. This blend will also help with sleep issues and allergies.

It can be use aromatically (in a diffuser) or topically diluted with fractionated coconut oil applied on chest, back & bottoms of feet.  

If you are interested in getting this oil in your home connect with me & I can help you out.

Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler