How doTERRA is Disrupting the Healthcare System


Have you ever advocated as a patient for your own health?

I think we can agree that today’s healthcare system is broken.

I attended the annual doTERRA Convention in September in Salt Lake City and there is a lot of exciting things coming down the pipeline from doTERRA in the healthcare space & I’m going to highlight a couple for you.

doTERRA is launching Prime Meridian Health Clinics. This is an integrative approach to offer families a solution to the healthcare needs. These clinics will launch in the United States and eventually expand to other countries including Canada.

This model intends to use an integrative approach that will treat the patient as a whole person and not just a number or a statistic. This approach will put patients first in treatment and quality of life.

doTERRA presented Huntsman Cancer Foundation with a $5M donation to support a proposed building expansion that will support creating the Centre for Comprehensive Care & Women’s Cancers.  

I have worked in healthcare advocacy for a number of years, most recently advocating for approved treatment for young women living with breast cancer.  Giving patients a voice is truly impactful and I’m so honored to stand behind an organization that is doing just that.

doTERRA has also expanded their Medical Advisory Panel and I’m so excited to share that  Dr. Robin Fawcett has been asked to join the International Medical Advisory Panel.

If you don't already know who Dr. Robin is, check her out on social media. She's fantastic. She's a family physician that is currently practicing in the UK.

doTERRA’s  forward thinking on healthcare is not to turn away from medicine, but to improve it & the outcome of the patient. By working with the top medical physicians around the world, they are going to do just that.

When you purchase a bottle of doTERRA Essential Oils you’re not only getting the direct personal therapeutic benefit, but you are also partnering with an organization that puts people first in every sense. I am so excited to see what the future will hold because doTERRA will continue to grow & I’ll be keeping my finger on the pulse, especially in this healthcare space.

It is my passion to not only share the oils with families and for these families to have these profound experiences with them, but to also know that we are, we're moving forward in our healthcare system in an integrative way.

Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler