3 Simple Tips To Help You Organize Your Next Family Vacation

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Does the thought of going on a family vacation stress you out? Not being on vacation, but the million things you need to do to prepare for your vacation. 

As a busy working mom, I understand how stressful it can be trying to finish up all the loose ends at work, remember to find someone to take care of the dog, water the plants, pick up the mail & pack two weeks of living in one suitcase! 

Whoa, is it worth it?.......YES!

I’m here to help you by sharing some of my tips to prepare you for your next family vacation. 

Make a list

I used to write my lists in a notebook, but then I would forget where I put the notebook! Now I create my lists in Google Sheets because I can access it on multiple devices & add to it when something pops in my head that I can’t forget at home (like my ear pods!)

Block time in your calendar to organize & pack

This might seem simple, but trust me it’s not! Something always comes up like drinks with your girlfriends. While this would be more fun, stay focused on the task sister!  I love Google Calendar because I can share it with my husband so he can help out. ;)

Meal plan the week leading up to vacation

We try to do this every week in our house, but sometimes life just gets busy! This is super important leading up to vacation so you are not overbuying food that could get spoiled while you are away. 

Vacation is meant to be relaxing, a time to reconnect and recharge. It can take some time to fully let yourself ease into a slower pace so go ahead and just breathe. 

Are you taking a family holiday this summer? Let me know where your adventure takes you in the comments. 

Xo Ashley